Environmental policy


HERZOG regards quality, customer orientation and environmental protection as strategic corporate objectives. The responsible use of natural resources and the impact of our products on the natural bases of life are becoming increasingly important. We are aware of this responsibility and give high profile to the concept of sustainability both in production and in product development:

  • Active and creative environmental protection: In the manufacture of our products, we follow state-of-the-art standards and meet ecological and safety requirements with optimum economic efficiency. We take responsibility for environmental protection in all our products, services and other business activities.
  • Care for resources: In line with the requirements of our customers, we develop and improve products, technologies and processes from an environmental point of view and keep the environmental impact of the entire process chain as low as possible.

We therefore operate on the basis of a certified environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Specific measures for us are continuous improvement of waste management with the aim of consistent waste prevention throughout the entire production chain and optimisation of waste sorting. We constantly invest in the energy efficiency of our machines and buildings. With our mainly regional suppliers, we take care to avoid unnecessary routes by bundling of deliveries and reducing quality issues. Our products are designed for a long service life and have a high level of availability thanks to high-quality service at the customer's premises. At the end of the life cycle we pay attention to a high recyclability.