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Basics of borate fusion


20.10.2020  8:00 and 15:00 CEST

Basics of borate fusion:
Fusion equipment, methods and chemicals for standard applications


Duration:   30 min. talk + 15 min. QA

Presenter:      Mr. A. Mehling

This webinar gives an overview of the sample preparation method borate fusion. A variety of HERZOG fusion equipment is presented and the respective advantages and disadvantages are highlighted. Benefits of the fusion method in comparison to other preparation methods are shown and the compatibility of various materials for the method is explained. In addition, fusion programs for easy materials and frequently used chemicals are shown. Furthermore, platinum poisons are showcased which are not recommended for borate fusion. Participants of the webinar will be able to define the fields of application of the fusion equipment and estimate which materials are suitable for borate fusion.



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