Standard Automation

HERZOG offers standard lab solutions for various industrial applications.


Standard automation for combustion analysis

Material: Steel, iron, non-ferrous, inorganic
Sample shape: Punched pieces, milling chips, others
Fully- automatic sample preparation and analysis

Standard automation for OES analysis

Material: Steel, pig iron
Sample shape: Round, oval, square, double-thickness
Fully-automatic sample preparation and analysis

Standard automation for OES or XRF analysis

Material: Non-ferrous samples
Sample shape: Round
Fully-automatic sample preparation and analysis

Fully-automatic quality inspection in foundries

Material: Foundry samples
Sample shape: Round
Fully-automatic sample preparation and analysis

HERZOG expertise in automation

HERZOG has set standards in a wide range of applications for automated sample preparation and quality control. The HERZOG Standard Lab reflects our many years of experience and expertise in industrial automations. By launching the HERZGOG Standard Lab, we aim at combining highest performance and very good cost effectiveness.


The design of HERZOG Standard Lab is based on well-established quality control procedures established in many industries. All hardware components, software modules and processes have been optimized to fulfill the laboratory requirements in the best possible way. Our offering provides a clear description of applicable sample preparation and analysis methods. At the same time, we specify the functional and performance scope as well as available interfaces with analyzers and higher level systems. This enables our customers to have a solid view of the headway they make by using our Standard Lab.

Example of specified functional process in a HERZOG Standard Lab
Example of overview dashboard of the PrepMaster Analytics

While HERZOG wants to deliver the benefits of a standard automation we are strongly committed to adapt our solutions to the particularities of each customer. Therefore, processes, machines and software modules can be adjusted to better meet our clients’ demands. The PrepMaster Entry control software has been specially designed for free configurability and adaptability. The intuitive GUI of the PrepMaster IDE makes it very easy to create and change automation projects- both for programmers and end-users. The PrepMaster Analytics is a customizable add-on for processing and evaluation of key performance indicators, analytical data and sensory information. Furthermore, PrepMaster Analytics assists the operator in supervision and maintenance of the automation.

We are giving priority to develop future-oriented solutions. The PrepMaster Entry can be continuously brought up to the latest technology standards of computer hardware as well as operating and HMI system. Updated or newly developed PrepMaster Entry and Analytics functions can be easily implemented into the existing system. This and the high-class quality of our products and services make the HERZOG Standard Lab to a safe investment for the future.

Example of screen view of PrepMaster Entry